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The topic for this second edition of THINKING THE EDGE is the waterfront, water and culture, as a condition extended to the whole city, in terms of urban, man made and natural environment with its potentialities, and for the overall urban quality of the city.

THINKING THE EDGE will transcend architecture and urbanism to infiltrate other realms, like literature, philosophy, the arts and scientific research, with the aim to invite major figures in those fields to bring in a multidisciplinary approach to the subject under discussion and open the academic investigation to the field of the economical and productive world.

THINKING THE EDGE will be hosted in Istanbul from 2nd until 9th of July 2013 with the participation of several universities from the city and from different international countries, with the support of public and private institutions basically from Turkey, Italy and Spain to promote the intensification of the rich cultural and economic relations among this countries.

THINKING THE EDGE consists on WORKSHOPS attended by students from all over the world, LECTURES by prominent representatives of the architectural and interdisciplinary culture, EXHIBITIONS about the topic of “The Edge”, COMPETITIONS opened to students and professionals.


LECTURE: Turkish architects and the Aga Khan Award

“Thinking The Edge” in collaboration with “Metropolitan Architecture” presents: TURKISH ARCHITECTS and THE AGA KHAN AWARD Murat Tabanlioglu “Between Architetture and Urbanisme” Han Tumertekin “The Scale of Architecture” Moderator: Luca Molinari Scientific reference and coordinator: Paolo Belloni Venue: Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettura e Società, Aula Rogers Date & time: Thursday 30th January 2014, [...]


TTE2013 presentation

Thursday, Dec 5th 2013, Lecture talking about ¨Thinking The Edge¨ at İTÜ, inside of the Landscape Seminar Program (İTÜ Peyzaj Mimalığı Bölümü Perşembe Semınerleri). More info here. This event has already taken place. Image from the event: ask google app domain server .

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Round tables videos

Watch now all the lectures from the round tables framed inside the Thinking the Edge – Water and Culture 2013 Round table #01 venue: Istanbul Modern title: Istanbul – A city on the edge moderating: Yüksel Demir In the first round table, Murat Vefkioğlu, Luca Orlandi, Yüksel Demir, Paolo Belloni and Ana Hidalgo focused the [...]



SO? will participate in Thinking the Edge – Water and culture SO? SO? is a design and research based studio practicing architecture and urbanism, founded in 2007 by Sevince Bayrak and Oral Göktaş. Sevince Bayrak She graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2005. Her articles about various subjects such as Istanbul, urbanism, travel, architecture etc. [...]



Superpool will participate in the Thinking the Edge – Water and Culture event. Selva Gürdoğan, Architect (born 1979, Turkey. 2003 graduate from Sci-Arc, USA) and Gregers Tang Thomsen, Architect (born 1974, Denmark. 2003 graduate from Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark) founded Superpool in Istanbul in 2006. They met at Rem Koolhaas’ studio Office for Metropolitan [...]


Han Tümertekin

Han Tümertekin will be in the Thinking the Edge event presenting his work. Han Tümertekin is a practicing architect based in Istanbul and principal of the firm Mimarlar Tasarim Danismanlik Ltd that he established in 1986. Previously, he worked in Paris in the architectural studios of Ahmet Gulgonen and of Bernstein, Chempetier, Vidal. His built [...]



PBEB will be present in Istanbul and will present a few projects done in the studio. PBEBarchitects was founded in 1996 by Paolo Belloni and Elena Brazis. PBEBarchitects was founded after national and international, professional and research experiences. The office keep a continuing education about theory and practice in architecture and building construction. The mission [...]


Stefano Boeri

Stefano Boeri has recently been added as keynote speaker to the lecture series to take places in Istanbul framed inside the Thinking The Edge activities. Stefano Boeri, internationally known, has developed some interesting projects in which the concept of edge is present. Among them, his project of the Ville Méditerranée shows an interesting relation with [...]


Aires Mateus

Thinking the Edge – Water and Culture will count with the presence of the internationally known Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, who will present his recent work in relation to the theme of the event Manuel Aires Mateus was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1963. He graduatee as an architect in F.A./U.T.L., Lisbon Portugal in [...]

Eduard Bru_

Eduard Bru Bistuer

Eduard Bru will be part of the event as professor. Eduard Bru Bistuer (Barcelona, ​​1950) is an architect and professor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Licensed to the School of Architecture, is professor and director from 1977 from 1998 to 2001. With Josep Lluís Mateo Community College built the La [...]

blanca lleo

Blanca Lleò

Blanca Lleò will be part of the workshop as professor during the whole event to take place in Istanbul. Blanca Lleó is Chaired Professor of the Design Studio (Proyectos Arquitectónicos) and Vice Dean for External and International Relations at the School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM) where she has been a lecturer since 1990. Her [...]

burgos garrido

Burgos Garrido Architects

Francisco Burgos and Ginés Garrido will lecture presenting their work ‘Madrid Rio’, deeply connected to the theme of the event. Francisco Burgos y Gines Garrido have an architecture office based in Madrid. The office has an open structure with frequent collaborations with other architects in Spain and abroad. expired domain list . It is a [...]

gausa flujos

Manuel Gausa

Manuel Gausa will be part of the group of professors attending the workshop of Thinking the Edge Under the name RAVEAU actarquitectura GAUSA + conforms a professional team oriented reflection, research and practice in the field of architecture, territory and environment. With over 15 years of experience and a renowned theoretical and practical, thanks to [...]


Murat Tabanlıoğlu

Thinking the Edge – Water and Culture will count with the presence of Murat Tabanlıoğlu among the lectures present in the event. Murat Tabanlıoğlu is an Istanbul based architect. After graduating from IEL, he studied architecture at Vienna Technical University. available domains After graduating in 1992 he returned to Istanbul. He founded Tabanlıoğlu Architects in [...]


Fred Levrat

Thinking the Edge will count with Fred Levrat as professor of the workshop. Frederic Levrat is a Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning since 1994 and a visiting Associate Professor at Pratt Institute. Teaching offers an ideal testing ground for his architectural explorations while the production of buildings is complemented by [...]


Thinking the Edge is born

Welcome to the Thinking the Edge – Water and culture site. This website is the best place to find all the information about the event. Very soon we will publish information on the call for participants, promotional packs and all the news. Thinking the Edge – Water and culture is the 2013 edition of a [...]