Manuel Gausa

gausa flujos

Manuel Gausa will be part of the group of professors attending the workshop of Thinking the Edge

Under the name RAVEAU actarquitectura GAUSA + conforms a professional team oriented reflection,
research and practice in the field of architecture, territory and environment.
With over 15 years of experience and a renowned theoretical and practical, thanks to its special profile “multi-scale”
Actarquitectura RAVEAU GAUSA + is defined as the core backbone of a whole series of proposals aimed at encouraging
new lines of action related to the understanding, configuring and qualitative redefinition of contemporary space and its connection with those new formal conditions, cultural, technical, economic and environmental
now define the contemporary landscape and habitat.
An activity supported permanent transfer processes between research, design and development – between vocation
professional and will conceptually concretized in proposals and accomplishments raised – and shared – always in
The ultimate goal: to design integrated operations analysis, design and management from which to respond effectively, rigor
and imagination to new frames generated relationship today between city and territory, and landscape architecture, construction and
medium, and its translation into more advanced life scenarios and qualitative open to changing global dynamics but
sensitive both to the diversity of the particular. The lines of force of the place and relational factors in the environment. Riopiokymtaikhous